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Ditch the Data Entry, Embrace Automated Accounting with OPTIMUS

Free yourself from manual payments & reconciliations - Save 20 hours per month & boost cash flow instantly.
The Struggle is Real. You're Not Alone.
  • Juggling invoices, payments, and accounting software? Feeling overwhelmed?
  • Spending hours manually entering data, prone to errors and delays?
  • Struggling to improve cash flow with slow payment processing?

You’re not alone. Most small businesses face these same challenges. But what if there was a better way?

Introducing OPTIMUS - Your Accounting Superhero.

OPTIMUS seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow, automating tasks and saving you precious time:

  • Effortless Payment Embedding: Embed secure payment options (Credit Card, ACH, Debit and Gift Card) directly into your invoices. Get paid faster with one-click convenience for your customers.
  • Instant Reconciliation: Eliminate manual data entry. Payments automatically flow into your accounting software (e.g., QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, FreshBooks, NetSuite) for effortless reconciliation.
  • 40% Improvement in Cash Flow:  Reduce overdue invoices by up to 40%, improve financial visibility, and make informed decisions.
  • 15 Days Faster:  Get paid faster with streamlined payments, further improving Cash Flow.
  • 20 Hours Reclaimed: Imagine having 20 extra hours per month to focus on growing your business, not paperwork.
  • Feature Rich:  Benefit from other amazing features like recurring billing, invoice splitting, partial payments, batch processing, etc.

We do this seamlessly from within existing accounting software, as if we’re a part of the software; a feature that is truly unique to our technology.
We integrate with many popular Accounting Software providers.

Manual Invoicing is Still Used by Many Businesses

Despite an ever-growing digital world, many businesses still manually collect on their invoices. This poor practice results in a lot of issues:

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Of Invoices are Still Processed Manually

Manual Invoicing is Issue Prone

Although seemingly simple, manual invoicing is the root cause of a lot of challenges for both CPA Practices and their Merchant-Clients:


  • Chasing late payments
  • Invoices getting lost or misplaced
  • Deciphering bank deposits to accounts receivable invoices


Resulting in:


  • Reduced cash flow
  • Increase costs in administrative hours
  • Lots of wasted time and effort

Accounting Payments Doesn’t Cut It:

Although many Accounting Software solutions offer invoicing with embedded payments, those solutions don’t cut it for CPA Practices, nor their Merchant-Clients, as they have:

  • High transaction fees
  • Inflexible invoicing options
  • Requires an additional payments relationship

The Optimus Solution

Optimus is an embedded checkout technology that places a Payments Checkout directly into invoices that:

  • Increases cash flow by giving your payors quick and
    trusted payments methods
  • Auto-reconciles payments to invoices in your Accounting
    Software; no need to go back and attempt to match them
  • Offers invoicing process flexibility so that you can ensure
    you’re doing everything to get paid on time

Not only do we help your CPA Practice improve your own accounts receivable performance, we also help your Merchant-Clients. We allow you to offer our technology under your own CPA Practice’s brand, giving your Merchant-Clients the same accounts receivable performance gains, while growing your brand’s image and value!

Benefits to Your CPA Practice &Your Merchant-Clients:

0 %
Reduction in overdue invoices, improving merchant cashflow1
0 days
Faster to payment, further improving merchant cashflow1
0 hours
Saved per week, on merchant invoice admin work1
Offer merchants enterprise-level features

+ Features

Benefits to You, the CPA Practice:

Earn more from the Merchant- Clients you already have1

$ More

Earn extra commission from our application’s features1

$ Extra

Attract more Merchant-Clients to your practice1

$ Merchants

Your CPA Practice & Your Merchant-Clients can say good bye
to lost time, wasted money and unnecessary headache, and
say hello to increased cashflow and more time growing

You, the CPA Practice, can say hello to more accurate client
books, more merchant-clients and a new revenue stream.

Attract More Merchants

Merchants want more payments processing and accounting digitization.

According to a recent survey, many Merchants are actively looking to implement new solutions to digitize their invoicing and accounting processes:

0 %
Accounting Functions
0 %
Invoicing Functions
0 %
Payments Processing
0 %
Payments Tracking

Get the features both your CPA Practice & your Merchant-Clients want.

Checkout all of these other amazing additional invoicing features, only available through Optimus.

Batch Invoice
Surcharging for
Credit, Debit,
ACH & Gift Card

Earn More with a New Revenue Stream

Not only will you attract new Merchant-Clients to your Practice, you’ll also earn extra money while doing it!


We charge end-users a monthly fee to use Optimus, and we share that revenue with you, the CPA Practice.

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