A Better Way to FreshBooks.

Are you Lacking Transparency and Control in your Payments?

Freshbooks Online provides you unmistakable control over your finances, regardless of whether your small business is brand-new or well established and expanding.

The management and transparency of bill payment have improved because to Optimus and Freshbooks Payments.

Optimus works with Quickbooks Freshbooks Login to make your Bills payment and Management Better!

Thanks to the collaboration between Optimus and Freshbooks, you can send invoices automatically, follow up with reminders, collect payments, and easily reconcile transactions in Freshbooks.

Once linked, Freshbooks integrates quickly into your system, ensuring current, accurate data.

No More Busywork

No More

Is your business struggling with invoice processing or data entry tasks? With Freshbooks Optimus, you can easily stay on top of it all.

Works for Every Payment Type

Works for Every
Payment Type

Whether it's batch payments, subscriptions, or one-time payments, Freshbooks Optimus seamlessly handles all payment types while ensuring GAAP-compliant recording of every transaction.

Two-Way Synchronization


With Freshbooks Optimus, you can easily manage your business accounts. It provides a user-friendly interface and ensures the secure synchronization of your precious data.

Complete Record of Transactions

Complete Record of

Integrating Freshbooks with Optimus guarantees a comprehensive and error-free record of all your transactions. Say goodbye to overlooking details and minimize the chances of errors.

Patent-pending technology from Freshbooks and optimus methods automates time-consuming processes and reconciles payments so you can concentrate.

How Does Optimus Work With Freshbooks?

Once you integrate Optimus with Freshbooks, your business only gets better. Freshbooks works directly with Optimus to manage your business data and automatically update all accounts.

Here is What you can Achieve with Freshbooks?

  • Send Invoices
  • Collect Payments
  • Keep a Follow Up
  • Eliminate Manual Reconciliation
Customer Portal
Credit Card Vault

Frequently Asked Questions

  1  How are my entries made in Freshbooks?
All Freshbooks transactions are automatically imported into Optimus, and payments are reconciled to guarantee that invoices are in sync between the two platforms.
  2  Can I Keep a track of Pending invoices in optimus?
Optimus only processes account history, financial details, and keeps track of payments when completely. Pending payments will not be synchronized to Optimus. This helps you keep the completed payments separate from pending payments.
  3  How can I Enter a refund in Optimus?
Just manually record the refund in Freshbooks by refunding the transaction corresponding to any invoice in Optimu.
  4  What is Freshbooks?
At every subscription and plan level, Freshbooks assists you in turning the data you submit into useful information. A dashboard offers an overview of the financial status of your company, including total cash in and out, unpaid invoices, and past-due debts.

Time Is Money For Businesses And With Freshbooks

Optimu Hassle-Free Synchronization You Can Work On More Important Tasks..

Save with Optimu Quickbooks Desktop Synchronization.

Optimu working with Freshbooks is a self-help tool for businesses to manage their work accounts effectively. You can focus on more important aspects as Optimus takes care of your invoice generation, payment schedules and manages automated payment records.

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