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Quickbooks Desktop Pro – Save 20 Hours Every Week

Upgrade your Payment and Invoice management with Quickbooks Desktop 2023 streamlined with Optimus Ways.

With Quickbooks Payments working with Optimus Ways you can generate invoice & process payments right from anywhere, anytime.

Automated Quickbooks Desktop Payments are Much Easier to Process and Also Simpler to Keep Record Of

What does Optimus Ways quickbooks desktop integration do for you? With Optimus Ways you can easily generate and send invoices & keep up with the payment schedules.

Once you connect Quickbooks Desktop with OptimusWays, you can enjoy hours of work done in a single click. It is Fast Secure Business!

Invoice Entry in Minutes

No More

Tedious data entry and account management can leave you tired and overwhelmed. With Quickbooks desktop, you get swift solutions.

Choose your Payment Method

Several Types of
Payment Methods

Do you prefer a certain payment method over the other? With Quickbooks desktop you can choose more than one modes of payment.

Payment from anywhere


With a few clicks Optimus Ways begins to work with Quickbooks. All the changes made to one system are directly synced to the other.

Error Free Data Entry

Complete Record of

OptimusWays automatically imports all transactions from QuickBooks Desktop, and payment records and details are consistent on both systems.

You know you can be mobile with Quickbooks Credit Card Processing
from anywhere anytime of the day? It’s as easy as it can get.


How Does OptimusWays Work?

Optimus Ways syncs to Quickbooks Desktops so each of your payment and transaction detail is maintained automatically. This saves hassle of manual data entry, reduces chances of errors and aligns business data seamlessly.

Optimus works directly with Quickbooks so there is no third party involved neither a room for error.

Here is what Optimus Ways Desktop Synchronization Offers!

  • Send Invoices
  • Collect Payments
  • Keep a Follow Up
  • Eliminate Manual Reconciliation
Customer Portal
Credit Card Vault

Frequently Asked Questions

  1  Do I need to manually Update Optimus Ways with Quickbooks Desktop?
No, once you synchronize Optimus Ways to Quickbooks Desktop, you no longer have to worry about maintaining both platforms separately.
  2  How Are Pending Invoices Shown in Optimus Ways?
Optimus Ways only processes account history and financial details when payments are complete. Pending payments will not be synchronized to Optimus Ways.
  3  When Does Optimus Ways Sync to Quickbooks Desktop?
Optimus Ways syncs with Quickbooks Desktop more often and regularly than you can imagine. Your payments are processed every 3-5 minutes, ensuring no data goes missing.
  4  What is Quickbooks Desktop?
Quickbooks Desktop is an accounting software solution developed by Intuit. It is primarily targeted towards small and medium-sized companies, providing features for managing accounting, payments, bill payment, and payroll duties. Quickbooks Desktop offers both on-premises accounting programs and cloud-based versions.

Tired of never-ending accounting?

Save with Optimus Ways Quickbooks Desktop Synchronization.

OptimusWays is a powerful business management tool built just for businesses who wish to strive and grow.

With Optimus Ways you don’t have to worry about keeping record of each payment and transaction as the Quickbooks Desktop integration is automatically keeping all the tabs behind the scenes.

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