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Optimus embeds payments checkouts directly into your merchants invoices, as well as offers merchants a whole suit of amazing features, allowing you to:

  • Process more transactions through your own gateway
  • Attract more merchants to your brand
  • Earn more money doing what you already do

We do this seamlessly from within your Merchants existing accounting software, as if we’re a part of the software.
We integrate with many popular Accounting Software providers.

High-Value Transactions Left on the Table

Although payments providers can claim a lot of their merchants transactions, through POS and online checkouts, there remains a high-value transaction stream that is still largely untapped, and left on the table, by payments providers; invoices.

Many Merchants still manually collect on their invoices. These invoices tend to be high value, and are practically begging for a better way to transact.

0 %
Of Invoices are Still Processed Manually

Manual Invoicing is Issue Prone

Although seemingly simple, manual invoicing is the root cause of a lot of challenges for Merchants:


  • Chasing late payments
  • Invoices getting lost or misplaced
  • Deciphering bank deposits to invoices

Resulting in:


  • Reduced cash flow
  • Increase costs in administrative hours
  • Lots of wasted time and effort

Accounting Payments Doesn’t Cut It:

Although many Accounting Software solutions offer invoicing with embedded payments, those solutions don’t cut it for merchants as they have:

  • High transaction fees
  • Inflexible invoicing options
  • Requires a additional payments relationship

Not Your Transactions,
Not Your Revenue

When a Merchant sends invoices through their Accounting Solution’s own payments system, those transaction go through their gateway, not yours.


Likewise, other embedded checkout solutions require that the invoices flow through their gateway, not yours.


Optimus allows you the opportunity to flow invoice payments through your gateway, not theirs, allowing you to unlock the untapped value of invoice processing for your own gateway.

The Optimus Solution

Optimus is an embedded checkout technology that places Your Payments Gateway directly into your Merchants invoices.

We offer our technology this under your brand, so your merchants attribute all of these great features to you!

Benefits to Your Merchants:

0 %
Reduction in overdue invoices, improving merchant cashflow
0 days
Faster to payment, further improving merchant cashflow
0 hours
Saved per week, on merchant invoice admin work
Offer merchants enterprise-level features

+ Features

Benefits to You, the Payments Provider:

Earn more money from the Merchants you already have

$ More

Earn extra commission from our application’s features

$ Extra

Attract more merchants to your services with features they want

$ Merchants

Your merchants can say good bye to lost time, wasted money and unnecessary headache, and say hello to increased cash flow and more time growing their businesses.


You, the Payments Provider, can say hello to increased transaction volume, attracting more merchants and greater commissions.

Process More Transactions

Potentially process hundreds of thousands of dollars in extra transactions that you just weren’t processing before, with your existing merchants.

Process even more transactions by attracting new Merchants with our feature rich application.

Attract More Merchants

Merchants want more payments processing and accounting digitization.

According to a recent survey, many Merchants are actively looking to implement new solutions to digitize their invoicing and accounting processes:

0 %
Accounting Functions
0 %
Invoicing Functions
0 %
Payments Processing
0 %
Payments Tracking

Give your merchants the features they want; features their Accounting Solution doesn’t provide.
Checkout all of the amazing additional invoicing features that you can offer your merchants, only available through Optimus.

Batch Invoice
Surcharging for
Credit, Debit,
ACH & Gift Card

Earn More with a New Revenue Stream

Not only will you increase your collected transaction fees, and attract new merchants to your services, you’ll also earn extra money while doing it!

We charge your merchants a monthly fee to use Optimus, and we share that revenue with you, the Payments Provider.

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Optimus offers simple and easy-to-follow, auto-onboarding tools for both Payments Providers and their Merchants.

Complete setup only takes a few minutes, then you’re both on your way to being optimized.

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