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What is Optimus Ways and How Does it Help you? Learn from Us!

What is OptimusWays?

Optimus Ways is an electronic payment processing platform that manages all your accounting and billing solutions under one room. Optimus Ways finds the ideal package for you based on what type of accounting software you are familiar with (e.g. Quickbooks desktop, Quickbooks online, Xero, Freshbooks and others). This helps you find the ideal working platform for you without having to make any significant changes. Optimus Ways basically automated all the manual tasks which would require hours of work otherwise.

With Optimus Ways, users are able to schedule, design, create send and receive invoices directly via email. There is no need of manual data entry or follow up as Optimus Ways takes care of everything from start to end.

Why Should I Use Optimus Ways?

Any organization that doesn't already have an automated method for making and reconciling payments and utilizes an accounting programme like QuickBooks Desktop, QuickBooks Online, Freshbooks, or Xero.

Is Optimus Ways beneficial for small businesses and startups?

Yes Optimus Ways is a great pick for startups and small businesses. This is also because you can use the free plan forever if it suffices your accounting needs. This especially helps businesses which are planning to spend less in the initial phase. Secondly, when the business needs grow and evolve you can always purchase an Optimus Ways package suited to your needs.

What Does Optimus Ways 30 day Trial Include?

The 30 days free trial for Optimus Ways includes and covers every single feature offered by the platform so you can get a complete overview of what it’s like to use Optimus Ways.

How long can I use Optimus Ways without signing a contract?

You get full access to all features on our site during your 30-day trial. If you do not select a recurring monthly plan after the first 30 days, your account will be automatically degraded to the free version. In case you change your mind later on and wish to upgrade to a paid version, your trial period data including email templates, email send status, etc., will be synced into your account immediately.

How much does a monthly plan cost vs Annual Plan?

All account billings are based on monthly basis and this does not involve any long term commitment. You can also upgrade, downgrade or modify your account at any time.


All the Technical information you need about Optimus Ways platform

Is Optimus Ways suitable for me if I don’t know anything about Technology?

Yes, Optimus Ways is a platform made for everyone whether or not you have adequate information regarding technology or automated accounting. But in case you still need some information or guidance regarding this platform then the Optimus Ways customer care team is always available to guide you through.

Does Optimus work with Windows or Mac?

Optimus Ways is compatible with both windows and mac software. It is basically a cloud based software that does not need to be installed on your device but can be accessed directly from the web. It doesn’t even require the permission from your Internet provider or web team.

Can I use Quickbooks Desktop with Optimus Ways?

Yes Optimus Ways can easily and actively sync to Quickbooks Desktop.

Can I use Quickbooks online with Optimus Ways?

Yes Optimus Ways can easily and actively sync to Quickbooks online.

Can I Use Freshbooks with Optimus Ways?

Yes Optimus Ways can easily and actively sync to Freshbooks.

Can I Use Xero with Optimus Ways?

Yes Optimus Ways can easily and actively sync to Xero.

If I work with a different accounting software than quickbooks can I still use Optimus Ways?

Most probably! Because Optimus works with majority of the software and platforms you can get better information from our customer care team.

I don’t have any accounting software, can I still use Optimus Ways?

Yes! Optimus Ways does not have to have a software in order to be used. You can use Optimus Ways independently to store all of your work data within.

What is Bi-directional Synchronization?

This simply means, Optimus Ways is synchronizing your data in two directions. Every invoice that is submitted from your accounting software is compared to the money that has been received by us. The reconciliation is instantly posted to your accounting software because this procedure is ongoing.

Do I still need to batch my transactions when using Optimus Ways?

No, that’s the comfort of using Optimus Ways. The software eliminated the requirement for separately batch importing and exporting. You can easily synchronize all your transactions in real time so the accounting software is always up to dated and puts up real information only.

Can I add payment links in Invoice Emails too?

Yes! A "pay now" link is provided when utilizing Optimus Ways to deliver your email alerts. With our built-in editor, you may further modify your messages, or you can insert your own HTML for a fully customized experience.

Can I use Optimus Ways on my Mobile Phone?

Yes, Optimus Ways is fully responsive on web and mobile application too. You can easily access Optimus Ways on all devices without facing any lag and trouble in the layout.

Can I setup Optimus Ways free trials for different subscription plans from Optimus Ways?

Absolutely, yes. You may simply establish several subscription plans with our subscription management function, from the most basic to the most complex.

Does Optimus Ways allows Checkout pages?

Yes at Optimus Ways you can easily build a checkout page suitable for your business which allows the new customers to pay and sign up for subscriptions easily.


All you need to know about Optimus Ways Integrations

I already own a payment gateway, do I still need a new one from Optimus Ways?

Because Optimus Ways is unbiased towards gateways, we don't need customers to have accounts with any one business. You may keep using your preferred gateway or service provider with Optimus Ways if you already do. We collaborate with more than 20 of the main payment processors, including market giants like PayPal,, NMI, and Stripe.

Can I use Multiple Payment Gateways at Once?

Yes, with Optimus Ways you can use several payment gateways as much as you like. This also covers connecting to the same gateway several time using several MIDs.

Which accounting Software does Optimus Ways support?

At the present Optimus Ways support quickbooks and all quickbooks related software. This includes

  • QuickBooks Desktop
  • QuickBooks Online
  • FreshBooks
  • Xero
Although for other accounting software, you can always inquire the compatibility from the customer support team before using it.
Can Optimus Ways still help with a custom build accounting software?

Yes, most probably. To find out more, connect with the Optimus Ways team to learn more about your exact needs.

Can Optimus Ways help if I wish to build my accounting into salesforce?

Yes, most probably. To discover more about this, connect with the Optimus Ways team and customer support.

Billing and Account

All money and billing related questions from Optimus Ways

Is there a per user fee on Optimus Ways?

No. Our Business package comes with unlimited user licenses, whereas our platform pricing contains a predetermined amount of licenses. A flat charge is just flat means there are no variations in it.

Is there a per transaction fee on Optimus Ways?

No Optimus Ways does not charge any per transaction fee to its customers.

Will I be charged for new feature releases on Optimus Ways in the future?

Users who are on a paid plan have access to all the features offered by Optimus Ways and this works with no additional charge even when a new feature is released. Although Optimus Ways might revise its charges but it will be with complete transparency given to the customers.

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